Litigation & Trial Attorneys

We’re experienced litigation and trial attorneys. When you find yourself involved in any type of legal dispute, you can trust the attorneys of Larkosh & Jackson. Our attorneys have the experience and skill required to effectively represent you. We have appeared in court thousands of times and have tried hundreds of cases. Chances are we have experience with issues very similar to yours. We are committed to use that skill in resolving your legal problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Experience counts. Our attorneys have appeared in court thousands of time and have tried hundreds of cases.

Our civil practice includes commercial disputes, construction litigation, property and real estate disputes, divorce, family law, restraining orders, injunctions and appeals.

Our criminal defense practice serves individuals charged with crimes such as drunk driving, disorderly conduct, assault and battery and other charges from misdemeanors to felonies.

Our clients come first, not our relationships with other lawyers.  We are not afraid to challenge the town, the police department, the court system or anyone else.  You have the right to be treated fairly and impartially (without favoritism).  It is your Constitutional right to be free from unreasonable government intrusions and unwarranted interference with your peace and sanctity.  That’s the American Way.

If you need a skilled and experienced litigation and trial attorney, call us for a confidential consultation.